We are a support group based in Coventry (United Kingdom) for people who suffer with Invisible Health Conditions (IHC),their carers and families.

Our aim is to provide a facility of support free of charge to all who suffer with Invisible Health Conditions.

The group was established by our Founder Albert Pregely in 2014 who has suffered with Anxiety,Depression and Panic Disorder for most of his adult life and learned and applied many different techniques and therapies to help him manage his condition and has genuine life experience of suffering with an Invisible Health Condition which has enabled him to have a deep understanding of how these conditions affect and impact on our lives and our families.

Albert is a Holistic Therapist with a special interest in these conditions and has extensive experience and knowledge of conditions such as Fibromyalgia,Me,Cfs,Anxiety Disorders,Depression and Autoimmune disorders.He started his career as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist 30 years ago and has seen many changes in people's health disorders in particular Fibromyalgia and Me,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Anxiety Disorders and Depression and how they are diagnosed and treated.This was the motivation for him to focus on Holistic,eclectic and integrated therapy solutions to enable sufferers to access better,more effective affordable treatment,knowledge and support and understanding of their health conditions.

All of our team of support workers have or are suffering with varied health disabilities and have a first hand experience of how these conditions affect each one of us in our daily lives.We understand the impact they have on your daily lives and how 'normal' everyday tasks become almost impossible.We also recognise the isolation it can bring and the impact it has on your familes and relationships.

We hold regular support meetings in Coventry and are developing specialised courses teaching people Mindfulness and how to manage their pain and other symptoms.

We are also in the process of establishing a Support and Wellness facility in Coventry offering a meeting place and therapies such as Mindfulness,Soft tissue massage,Trigger Point Therapy,Relaxation Therapy,The Alexander Technique,Reflexology.Nutrition and Stress management at affordable prices or free for some.

We have a Facebook group of which you will find the link at the bottom left of each page on the website.