After working with people suffering with Invisible Health Conditions for many years it became apparent that one specific therapy or therapies were not effective and comfortable for each client.I worked with and studied Person Centred Therapy,Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,Relaxation Therapy and The Alexander Technique in the early years mainly helping people with Anxiety,Depression and Personal problems.As i worked with each client i found myself moving gradually towards more Holistic ways of helping them to manage their problems and feel more relaxed about themselves and found it a more positive and effective way of helping them.Clients tended to respond more favourably to the Holistic approach.As i developed my skills and experience with many different Invisible Health Conditions i became more interested in physical conditions such as Fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Me,Ms and stress related conditions and how to teach,encourage and help people learn how to manage their disability.This involved looking at many different physical therapies involving relief of the symptoms such as pain and fatigue.After talking with and listening to many clients with differing conditions the consensus was that there was a lack of kindness and empathy shown towards them and their condition from relatives,friends,workmates,doctors,consultants,benefit agencies,etc.Thats how i came up with the name Kindtherapy a therapy offering people a combination of Gentle Relaxation,Soothing Massage and Empathy for Invisible Health Conditions to help them with their symptoms and also to make them feel a little special and cared for.

Gentle Relaxation 

This is based on Progressive Muscle Relaxation which teaches you to relax each muscle group gradually until you can relax your whole body and mind with one word 'RELAX'

Soothing Massage

This is based on a Soft Tissue stroking massage on various parts of your body or your whole body.The massage is developed to be as comfortable and soothing as possible and as least painful to you.It is your massage and as such will be carried out taking into account your symptoms.


In a recent survey this came near the top of the poll for items that you felt helped you to manage your condition most effectively.Your thoughts and feelings will be listened to to give you the best possible chance of being understood.

Invisible Health Conditions

So there you have it a simple combination of effective therapies developed specifically for your Invisible Health Condition taking into account your symptoms and feelings.